School Counseling

(03/30/2020 – 2 pm)
Dear SES Families,
I hope this letter finds you well and settling into a routine at home. We at SES want to adhere as much as possible to providing continued routines and supports for our students, emotionally as well as academically. Therefore, school counseling services will continue to be offered during this time away from school.
For those students who were already receiving counseling services I would like to provide scheduled weekly check-ins either via google chats, text or phone conversations. Parent permission is required before we can proceed. Please contact me to set up a time and platform that works for you and your child. I am homeschooling my own children in the morning so I will only be available by appointment after 12:00pm.
For all SES parents, I want you to know that I am available via email ( at any time, should you have questions, concerns or thoughts to share (or if you would like to refer your child for on-line emotional support during this time). I check my email several times daily. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. I will also be offering social/ emotional guidance lessons weekly so keep an eye out for this in the near future.
Please remember to take care of yourself. I know I have to remind myself of this daily. Get plenty of sleep, try to eat well, meditation, exercise etc. These are difficult times to be sure, but together we will get through it….in spirit if not in person.
Additional help is available through these 24-hour resources to all members of our communities:
Text “VT” to 741741 from anywhere, anytime, about any crisis.
Call your local Mental Health Center:
Orange county: 800-639-6360
Windsor county: 800-622-4235
COVID-19 Community Economic Relief Fund
Help with bills, rent and food
Thank you and take good care!
Maura-Lynne Strance
Sharon Elementary School Counselor