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(06-03-2020 5 pm)

Dear Community Members,

    We have been trying to figure out an appropriate way to end our school year. We had explored the idea of a town parade but came to the conclusion that it is just not safe at this time. The reality of our location near the interstate on and off-ramp, along with road closures in town, traffic issues, construction happening under the interstate, and social distancing guidelines have all led us to this conclusion.
Instead, we will have an alternative celebratory video that the teachers have created sent out to families. I know that this may cause some disappointment, but the safety of students, parents, and community is always at the forefront of our minds. 

I thank you in advance for your respect on this decision.

Keenan Haley

(06/01/2020 – 6 pm)

Families and Community Members, 

    I hope this letter finds everyone well. I have been in contact with our incoming Superintendent, Jamie Kinnarney, about preparations for the 2020-2021 school year. While we are still unsure as to how the school will function based on COVID-19, there is a working task force that’s been organized to plan for it. Please read the following statement from Mr. Kinnarney concerning this task force:

Good Afternoon-

The Covid-19 Task Force has membership from across the 8 schools of the WRVSU and includes all stakeholder groups (student, parent/guardian, medical, teachers, staff, administration, and board).  We have a thirty member committee that is charged with providing overarching recommendations for how we safely approach teaching/learning in one of the three models:

a) reopening with in-person instruction and guidelines from the Governor’s Office/Agency of Education

b) reopening in a hybrid model of in-person and virtual learning

c) continuing or suddenly moving to virtual learning throughout the 20-21 school year

I plan to have regular updates shared with the greater WRVSU community as the group continues their work.  We are hopeful that we will have plans/procedures in draft form for each individual school to use in August with planning/preparation for the fall.  The desire to participate has been tremendous, and we will be sending out surveys in order to gather feedback from all stakeholders as we move forward with planning/preparing.  

As always, please email me directly with further questions/concerns,

Jamie Kinnarney
Incoming Superintendent of Schools, WRVSU 

    As we continue to evolve, please take advantage of Mr. Kinnarney’s offer to contact him with any questions/concerns that you may have. His email is:  You can also contact me if that is better for you. Our goal is to provide our children with an enriching and safe learning environment. How we do that remains to be seen, but as you can tell, we are working on it. Look for updates and surveys soon. 

Be well, 

Keenan Haley
Sharon Elementary