(01/01/2021) Virtual Learning Week


I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. As we approach our New Year’s celebrations and festivities, I wanted to reach out with a reminder about our upcoming Virtual Learning week.

Starting on January 4th, we will expect students to follow their virtual learning plan. Teachers have prepared schedules and assignments for this. If you are unfamiliar with this, you should reach out to your child’s teacher or me sooner than later. We will take attendance during morning meetings and by the submission of that day’s work. Your child will need to attend all scheduled meetings and complete all assignments for the day to be marked present. If there are circumstances that prevent this from happening, you must contact your child’s teacher or me so we can come up with a plan.

We have been fortunate not to have had to go virtual at all during this current school year. This is in no small part to all of your commitments to following health and safety guidelines. Our experience with virtual learning last spring taught us many things that we hope will make this next experience a better one. With that being said, I’m sure there will be a few hiccups during this next round of virtual learning.
All teachers and support staff will be available to help support students in any way possible.

I want to remind parents that there will be free lunches served during the virtual week. Some families have already indicated that they will take advantage of this. If you would like to receive lunches, please reach out to me at khaley@sharonelementary.org if you have not already done so. Lunches will be served Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 am until 1 pm curbside at school. Each day will have enough food for two days. 

I’m more than confident that we will be successful during our virtual week. Truthfully, I’m looking forward to the following Monday, January 11th, when students return to school to continue their in-person learning. Thank you for your support and dedication to ensuring that we are all safe and that our students continue to improve their skills and knowledge.
Happy New Year to all!

Keenan Haley

(11-05-2020) Blizzard Bags


This year we are trying out something new. On days that we have an unforeseen event that closes school, such as a snow storm, we are able to use Blizzard Day Bags to qualify this day as a school day. Each teacher has developed a bag with learning activities and assignments. Your student is to complete these assignments on the day that we have off. Most of what is in the bag should be a review for your student. The bags need to be returned to school the next day that school is in session with the completed work. If the student does not complete the work, then they will be marked absent for that day. 

On an unforeseen day off you will receive a phone call from Principal Haley indicating that it is a Blizzard Bag Day. Students should work throughout the day to complete assignments. 

We will make more Blizzard Bags as needed. If you don’t receive a phone call on the day off, then it will not be a Blizzard Bag day and will just be a day off, much like our normal snow days. 

I know this is a change in practice, but without change we won’t continue to improve. I do believe that if we can get our students in the habit of doing some work at home during an unforeseen cancellation of school, then our students will still be engaging academically, while also not extending the school year into the summer. 

On Blizzard Bag Days we are legally required to offer breakfast and lunch. We are currently thinking about how this would work, but we want to know if folks would actually take advantage of this. Seeing that most likely our days off will be due to inclement weather, making driving difficult, we are going to be sending out a survey to see who would want to access breakfast and lunch on these days. 

Please reach out if you have any questions, 

Keenan Haley


White River Valley Supervisory Union (WRVSU) Communication:

(10/28/2020) October 28, 2020: Letter from the Superintendent’s office

(09/25/2020) Update to Families

(08/20/2020) Update to Families

(08/14/2020) Letter to Families

(08/07/2020) Letter from Superintendent Kinnarney

Please read the attached letter from Superintendent Kinnarney where he answers questions and concerns, as well as information about the August 13th meeting.

(08/06/2020) WRVSU – Pre-K Opening FAQ & Survey

White River Valley Supervisory Union would like to share the following letter regarding school opening and options for Pre-K students attending one of our public Pre-K programs.
This letter (and the included form) applies to students who would attend one of our following Pre-K programs
Bethel Elementary School
Rochester School
Sharon Elementary School
South Royalton Elementary School
Stockbridge Central School
After reading the letter, we ask that you then please fill out this survey ( also linked in the letter ).
With your response, we will know your preference for the fall.
If your student is returning to or newly attending a Pre-K program that is not on our list above, please reach out directly to that program for details.

(08-03-2020) WRVSU – In Person, Virtual and Transportation Details with Related Surveys

Dear Families,
We would like to share a number of documents with you today. Included here are details and descriptions of both our in-person and virtual offerings. 
After reviewing those options, please use our “preference survey” to indicate your choice for in-person v. virtual options.
Finally, there is also a letter and survey about transportation.

In-Person Schedule

Virtual Academy Overview

In-Person. Virtual Academy Preference Form

Transportation Letter

Transportation Survey
Thank you,
White River Valley Supervisory Union

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