Principal’s Newsletter

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Families and Community members,

As we move into the final week of October, it’s safe to say that we are starting to hit our stride here at Sharon Elementary. At this point in the year students should have a solid understanding of classroom and overall school expectations. Often times these expectations can be a bit different from those at home. Please take a moment to talk to your child about what the expectations are at school compared to those at home. For example, when having a discussion in class, students are often asked to raise their hands if they would like to add to the conversation. At home, raising a hand to speak is most likely not the case. Navigating the expectations from one place to another is a skill that develops over time. Together, as teachers and parents, we can help the students develop that skill. 

Health and Wellness have been a theme at Sharon for a number of years. We pride ourselves in teaching children about choices that they can make in life that can lead to healthful outcomes. As you know, our children spend time in growing food in our gardens, harvesting food, cooking in classrooms, spending time in the outdoors learning and being active. One area of health that is not often talked about is emotional health. Many children need time and space to learn how to deal with an array of emotions that occur, especially in childhood. This year we have been challenged by the fact that we have been unable to provide counseling services. Please trust that we are actively looking to find a person who is qualified to offer services for our students. We know that positive emotional health, along with positive physical health, can put our students on the path to wellness that will serve them in life, positively. 

Finally, I’d like to express our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of David Armstrong. David lost his battle with cancer this week. David cared deeply about his family and his community. He was a coach to many children in Sharon. He will be missed and we will always remember his smiling face and positive attitude that he brought with him every day. 

    As always, please keep in touch and have a wonderful weekend, 


Keenan Haley

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