Principal’s Newsletter

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Families and Community members,

There’s been a chill in the air and that means it’s time to break out those cooler weather articles of clothing. As you all know by now, our students spend a lot of time outside, so it’s super important that they are comfortable. We do have extra clothing here if students are not prepared, but please do your best to have them ready.

On October 9th, teachers from all the schools in the White River Supervisory Union met to continue their work on the literacy initiative. Teachers are learning a new instructional model. Having time to work with each other is critical in the development of a cohesive program throughout our SU.

On October 7th, the Garifuna Collective, a musical group from Belize, came to school to perform. It was amazing! Students and staff could not help but get up and dance listening to the beats and rhythms.

The staff would like to thank the PTO for their purchase of a new staff refrigerator! We have been using a refrigerator that was leaking for years. Now we have a new one that won’t get our food wet!

One unfortunate piece of news is that I need to let everyone know about is that our new school counselor will be leaving us to attend to personal matters. We were very excited to be able to once again provide school counseling services. We will look for a replacement and let you know when that happens.
Please keep in touch and have a great weekend.
Keenan Haley

Sprouty Pictures

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Thanks again to all for running and making this event a success.
See you all in September 2020!