The intent of this letter is to help clarify some changes in our approach to responding to COVID positivity within the school and for those students who are deemed close contacts either within the school or outside of it. 

    As you may have heard, the White River Valley Supervisory Union in which Sharon Elementary is a part of, is transitioning from the Test to Stay Program to Test at Home in order to keep children in school as much as possible in the event of an exposure to COVID 19. Superintendent Kinnarney has sent out numerous notifications about this transition and you can find these on the WRVSU website at www.wrvsu.org

    So, what does this mean for Sharon Elementary? The following are bullet points to help guide you in your understanding of this new approach to dealing with COVID related issues: 

  • If a student tests positive or the school is informed that a student has tested positive, the school will inform households with a student in the same classroom(s) that there was a positive case. The communication will state that:
    • If a student is vaccinated (both Pfizer doses), they do not need to quarantine. Families can pick up test kit and use it on day 4 and 5 to test their child. 
    • If a student is unvaccinated, they can:
      • Pick up test kits from the school to test for five days at home and can attend school during that period, as long as all tests are negative. 
      • If they choose not to test, then they follow the State’s quarantine policy.
  • Students who are identified as close contacts outside of school (“community contacts”) who are unvaccinated can pick up test kits from school to test at home for five days and can continue to attend school as long as all tests are negative.

For individuals with continuous in home exposure.

  • If individuals are fully vaccinated (and have received a booster if eligible), it is recommended that they test every 3 to 5 days while their household contact is in isolation and for 5 consecutive days after the household contact ends isolation.
  • If individuals are not fully vaccinated, it is recommended that they test daily while their household contact is in isolation, and for 5 consecutive days after household contact ends isolation.


** Regardless of whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated, you should stay home if you’re symptomatic and not return to school until you have been tested and your symptoms improve. 

If an at-home kit is appropriate for your household, test kits will be delivered to classrooms for backpack drops.  Students who were absent can arrange to pick kits up at school.  

Please note that this all hinges on the availability of test kits. If we do not have enough test kits to supply families to test at home, we may need to pivot back to the Test to Stay program for a short period of time and will utilize PCR tests as needed.  

As always, please reach out with any questions. I know this will be an adjustment for many families. Please know that we will do our very best to support and guide you through this change.  


Keenan Haley 


Sharon Elementary