Principal’s Newsletter

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Families and Community members,

I hope everyone had a great holiday season! I know it can be a busy time of year, full of celebrating, late nights, travel and more. Hopefully as that all fades away, we can get back to some normalcy with our schedules. I know I was more than ready to get back to school!

As we move into January and settle a little more deeply into winter, we have a few things happening that are exciting and noteworthy. First, the downhill ski runners program, as well as the cross country skiing/snowshoe (3rd Gr and up) program are beginning. Being a lifelong Vermonter I have first-hand knowledge that in order to stay sane during these long winter months, it’s important to stay active and to enjoy the snow. Both of these programs are offered to your children as a way to promote healthy activity and to take advantage of our snowy terrain.

Of course, there are other options for those who prefer not to slide around on skis. Our community skating rink is up and running. The weather has given us challenges in getting it opened up, but currently, it is open for business. This is a great resource for all members of our community and it is accessible to the public during non-school hours. There are lights at night so that you can skate under the stars! If you would like your child to experience the rink but do not have skates, please contact me. We have a wealth of extra skates at school.

I do encourage any first-timers on the ice to wear padding, especially a helmet. Please check the signage at the rink to determine if it is open or not based on ice conditions.

Our sledding hill is not for the faint of heart. If you’ve ever hiked to the top and slid down then you know firsthand that you will pick up speed pretty quickly. But, be careful if you decide to do this. The bottom of the run ends with an abrupt and sometimes painful jolt. It may be best to take a ride starting halfway up the hill. You still get some solid speed, but the ending isn’t as painful! Always check conditions before attempting any run on the hill as they are always changing. All of this adds up to being active during our winter months. Soaking up the vitamin D from our sunny days, breathing in the fresh air, getting the heart rate up, and enjoying our natural landscape can boost one’s mood and give us the energy to complete our day to day tasks. Even a walk down the road has its benefits! Educationally your children have just completed the STAR 360 math assessments. We will use the results of these to configure enrichment groups starting next week. Your child will be placed in multi-age groups based on needs according to the assessment.

We are making solid gains with our literacy initiative. Teachers are working hard to implement our new materials and we are seeing children excited to stick their nose in a book and find enjoyment in what they read. Please encourage reading at home because the more they read, the better they will get!

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to another positive and joyful week of learning at Sharon Elementary.


Keenan Haley

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant

We are happy to announce that we qualified once again for the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant. All kids at Sharon will have access to fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables as snack options throughout the day. This program comes at no cost to parents and is open to every student at Sharon Elementary School.