February 19

Presidents Day:  We learned a lot about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Each child went home with a penny and a nickel to remind them how important they were in our history.

Snow Day Off: The ice and cold have been keeping us in, but we still get motor movement throughout our day. We have a new dance called “Jump Jim Joe” that gets the heart rate up!

Spirit Week:  There’s a contest for each day of our dress up and we won on Monday for the most percentage of us who dressed up as a favorite movie, book or character. It was fun and our prize is an ice cream party!

Beach Day was the best because we got to eat lunch on towels and play games after lunch with hoola hoops and beach balls. Thanks for helping your child get dressed for all the themes.

Alpha-Betty Letter of the Week:  Yy was for Yoga, yellow book, yellow marker and pencil, yellow magnetic block, Yoda, yoyo, yarn, yolk, yellow fabric, a Y letter, yes, Yak, and Yogurt. Send in things that have a Zz in them when we return from vacation.

Homework:  After the letter Zz  we’ll fill Alpha-Betty with homework that will come in on Mondays. This is a good time to start being responsible for doing homework. It is required in First/Second Grade next year. So in two weeks, they’ll have homework to do on the weekend and bring in on Monday.

Vacation Workbook:  I’ve put together a packet of math and reading work to do over the vacation. I hope you enjoy doing them together. It’s a long break and this plus reading to your child daily will keep their skills moving forward. Bring it in on Wednesday, March 2nd when everyone returns to school.

“We hope you have a wonderful vacation! “