Summer Slide

Dear Families,

Have you heard of the “Summer Slide”? Unfortunately, it’s not the fun kind of slide you’ll find at a water park or playground. This slide is different. It’s a slide that no one wants their child to ride in Sharon, VT.

What Is the Summer Slide?

The summer slide is a decline in reading and math ability as well as other academic skills that can occur over the 10 summer weeks when school isn’t in session.

Numerous studies show that kids who don’t read during summer vacation actually slip back in reading ability by 6 weeks the time autumn rolls around.

But as parents, we don’t need studies to tell us this, do we? It’s evident in all sorts of situations. For example, if your child plays the violin but stops practicing for three months, his skills will decline more than the skills of a child who continued to practice and play the violin over the summer, right? So what can we do to avoid this common problem?

Your child can participate in the Sharon Elementary School Summer Reading Challenge!  Here’s how it works this year.  Down load the forms below and start reading.  For every 20 minutes of reading (or every day that you read, for you super readers who want a challenge) color in one of the “gems” on the sheet. For those readers who aren’t independent yet, read aloud count too! When we return to school, bring your filled-out challenge sheet, and prepare to be rewarded. We normally celebrate with a field trip.

Summer Reading Challenge can be found here

Your child can also participate in Sharon’s Baxter Library Summer Reading Program!  Check it out here!    Check out those books, read with family and enjoy a book, fill in your Sharon Reading Logs!

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