Catherine Freese, Librarian
Elaine Kearns, Volunteer extraordinaire!

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Library has been hopping  (and not just because we have a new frog puppet!) We have been using puppets, props and a flannel story board as well as poems, fingerplays and songs to bring stories to life. Along the way the kids have been building vocabulary,  improving their listening skills and learning about new people, places and things.  We’re in the midst of an author study: Robert Munsch, a Canadian,  with a gift for humor who writes books that get kids laughing and chiming in on repetitions.
Thanks for your help keeping track of library books and helping the kids to return them each week.

Grades 1/2:

First and second graders worked on financial literacy this quarter. Using  a program called “Reading is an Investment” they read books and talked about money and related concepts like saving.   They are keeping track of what they read in journals provided by the Vermont’s State Treasurer office.  Once they have all their squares filled in, they will be entered in a statewide raffle with the winners receiving a savings account with $250 toward college.

In January we started “Red Clover Season” . Each week we’ll read from the 10 books that have been nominated this year for Vermont’s best picture book award.  The kids began by working in teams to present a preview of the books.  They will be keeping track of their opinions each week in Red Clover journals and will vote for their favorite book in April.

Grades 3 and 4

We have been reading A tale dark and Grimm in library this quarter.  Written by Adam Gidowitz, it retells and weaves together several of the Grimm brothers’ fairy tales.
It is old-fashioned and up-to-date at the same time and is a great read-aloud.  We talk each week about themes, vocabulary
and what makes for a good piece of writing. There are chances to write short reflections, illustrate scenes and practice good listening skills—all while enjoying a compelling tale.

Grade 5

In addition to a book selection time and a quick silent read each week, the 5th graders are wrapping up their unit on trading cards.  Using the mash-up “Big Huge Trading Cards”, they have made cards for their favorite childhood book; their favorite book today and the country they would most like to visit.  The technology can produce a quick card but we have been concentrating on the careful research and good writing that is the work behind the card.  We have been writing, editing and rewriting to condense the most important information down to the size of a trading card!

Grade 6

In addition to a book selection time and a quick silent read each week, the 6th grade has devoted its library time to pursuing “Tech Treasure”.  Each week kids work their way through questions associated with different websites.  Using high-quality, pre-selected sites, they learn about subjects ranging from moose to weather; from health facts to information about Vermont government. As they dig for answers, they are practicing “information-reading skills” from the Common Core standards. They are also learning perseverance and patience as they navigate their way through the websites.  The quarter culminates in a game of “Biblioball” where teams compete against each other to review what they have learned.