Fifth Grade



Mrs. O’Hare, 5th grade teacher

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2 Fifth Grade Newsletter 9.4.15

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

Our school year if off to a great start! Thank you very much for sending in all of your

forms keeping in touch via Class Dojo, notes in our home-to-school folders, emails and telephone calls. Communication is the key to making sure that we are doing our best to make it a great year for your fifth graders.

Here’s a list of some of the great things that your students have been doing in the first weeks of school:

  • ★  Harvesting and eating fresh vegetables from the gardens
  • ★  Planning and writing skillful paragraphs about summer adventures
  • ★  Practicing multiplication facts and getting back into the math groove
  • ★  Learning the classroom procedures and expectations
  • ★  Taking exciting new books out of the library and reading at Quiet Time
  • ★  Setting up new binders, notebooks, writing journal and cubbies
  • ★  Practicing how to be a student in the classroom again and showing how to be caring andcooperative with classmates
    • ★  Taking exercise breaks with GoNoodle (website) or outside team-building games
    • ★  Getting used to handing in red home-to-school folders every morning and doing MorningWork as the first task of the day
  • ★  Reviewing reading strategies while enjoying a favorite novel, Charlotte’s Web.
  • ★  Meeting Scott Paulson, our Steel Drums teacher!We look forward to a fun-filled year of learning. Please feel free to call or write if you have an questions or concerns. Have a nice long-weekend!All the best, Mrs. O’Hare