PRESCHOOL AT Sharon Elementary

During the first few years of life it is truly amazing the amount of growth and development and growth occurring in our children’s brains. With each connection they make, skill they learn, and challenge they face, they are building the foundations for the person they will become. Here at the White River Valley Supervisory Union each town preschool program, although unique, values the importance of relationship building, creating stimulating learning environments, and nurturing opportunities that allow for growth. We look forward to being the first step of a long and beautiful journey.

We have a beautiful PreK classroom in Sharon. Our teachers focus on social emotional learning, learning through play, and outdoor education. We have had a new focus this year on mathematics and follow the play-based curriculum of the Bridges PreK Math Program. Children learn through play, exploration, and being curious and our teachers deliver curriculum that engages and stretches our students' abilities.

To find out more about our Preschool programs and talk about enrolling your child, please contact the Sharon Elementary registrar at (802) 763 7425 and visit our Preschool program website.

Blaise Laing: Pre-k teacher and director
Portrait of a woman in a denim jacket and a big smile, outside in the green grass.

Blaise has been teaching Pre-Kindergarten at Sharon since 2015. She is native to Vermont, but a world traveler.  Blaise's favorites being Italy and Thailand, which strongly influenced her philosophy of education. She enjoys yoga, coffee, sports, swimming, mac and cheese, and knitting. When she isn't teaching she is making memories with her four children and spending time in nature.  You can reach Blaise at

Lindsey Schell: Pre-K Teacher
Lindsey near barn

Lindsey Schell (Ms. Lindsey) grew up in Randolph and Bethel, two rural towns north of Sharon, Vermont. Lindsey attended Ithaca College where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation. Her degree in Therapeutic Recreation allowed her to work with a range of populations, varying in age from 1 to 101. On the higher side of the age spectrum, Lindsey served as the Activity Director of a 135-bed skilled nursing facility. On the lower side of the spectrum, Lindsey has worked in a variety of early education classrooms. Lindsey’s professional and personal experiences have allowed her to live in New York, New Mexico, and Florida, but she is happy to be planting her roots back in Vermont. In her free time, you may find Lindsey riding her bike, jumping into a river, hiking through the woods, seeking out the best sunrise views, spending time with her two Nigerian Dwarf goats, or watching a movie at Bethel’s Drive-In Theatre. She also loves a good roller coaster! Lindsey is currently taking graduate classes in Early Childhood Education and looks forward to being a part of the Sharon community! You can reach Lindsey at

Matt Moore: Pre-k Assistant
Outdoor portrait of a man with blonde hair and a plaid shirt, smiling.

Matt has been a face at Sharon for many years: first, as a student going through the school himself, then volunteering to help with youth baseball, working in the afterschool program, substitute teaching, and finally, beginning in 2019, working in the preschool as a para. Matt is currently pursuing his degree in early childhood education. Matt enjoys snowboarding, drawing, making music, and morel mushroom hunting. Matt enjoys bringing his students outside, teaching them to have a voice and being a part of a community. Matt can be reached at

Faith Radicioni: Prek Assistant
Portrait of a woman with sunglasses, outside.

Faith has worked in the Sharon Preschool program since 2012, when it was first opened. Faith completed her Associates degree in Early Childhood Development in 2016 from CCV. She lives in Sharon with her 3 teenage children, her fiancé and their 3 dogs. Her favorite place to be is outside: hiking, camping, traveling, riding the trails on a four wheeler, out on the boat or relaxing on her tube in the White River. Faith can be reached at