Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade News

October 9, 2105

What’s Happening: The class has been amazing over the last two weeks! Their overall attitude toward learning is excellent. They’re being responsive to each other, willing to make adjustments and flexible in order to foster a positive climate in our classroom. In math, we’ve been working with patterns. We have progressed from reviewing shapes and growing patterns using addition and subtraction, to “in and out” patterns, that use multiplication and division. In social studies we’ve continued with our food justice unit by visiting sites. We’ve been able to visit six sites including the food shelf, the South Royalton Market, Hannaford, Moore Rhythm Farm, Walmart, and McDonalds. You may have heard about our grand finale milkshake! This week, we’ll wrap up with a walking visit to Sandy’s and Midway station. After this, we’ll have the data we need to do some writing about the topic of food equity in our community. We’ll also be making applesauce to donate to the Sharon Foodshelf. In literacy, we started our unit on colonial life and trades with some exploration of mystery documents. We’re learning about primary and secondary sources and reading about life during that time. Lastly, we’ve been reading the book Wonder. This book has proved to be a powerful read, connecting students to deep feelings. This is a book about a fifth grader with a physical disability and ties into our health unit on disabilities and differences. I highly recommend this book for adults too 🙂

Assessments, Grades, and Scores: I’ve returned all the first unit math assessments and seasons writing. If your child would like to return their edited work for additional credit, they are encouraged to do so.

Maker Homework: We started out with only three students participating in maker homework. This homework is sent out on Monday and returned on Friday. There is a written element to this homework as well. Last week, I had nine students participate, which is great news. The maker movevent encourages creativity and persistence. The bridges they built last week were awesome! I only ask that if students decide to participate, they do the paper part of the work too. I’ll send out an e-mail about this soon.

Parent Conferences: I’ll be sending out a note about parent conferences this week.

Above: Our Visit to Moore Rhythm Farm

Contact Information:

You can reach me via e-mail at Please only use this for basic communication or to schedule a meeting. If you have a specific issue you need to address, call the school at 802-763-7425, extension 22. Or you can e-mail me and we can arrange for a time to chat.

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Above: Fourth graders explore the fresh produce donated to the Sharon Food Shelf.

Upcoming Events:

October 23- Half Day, In-service

October 29- No School, In-service

October 30- Parent Conferences, No School

Contact Information:

You can reach my via e-mail at Please only use this for basic communication or to schedule a meeting. If you have a specific issue that you need to address, call the school at 802-763-7425. Or you can e-mail


-Class newsletter will come to your e-mail every other Friday. A few of you asked for paper copies, which I will put in mailboxes.

-The fourth grade does not attend the Tunbridge Fair. We have our own Sharon World’s Fair at school where we harvest, prepare, cook and eat food from the garden.

Upcoming Events:

September 12- SPROUTY!!

September 18 – Half Day, Inservice

October 23- Half Day, Inservice

October 29- No School, Inservice

October 30- Parent Conferences, No School