Sharon Elementary School, Physical Education, Third Quarter Narratives Mar. 2014

Steven P. Frenette Physical Education.
As we proceed through the school year our Dynamic Physical Education classes have certainly kept the students moving.  We have worked on refinement of fundamental skills like walking, skipping, twisting, running, jumping, stretching, and specialized skills like body management, rhythmic movement, gymnastic skills, game skills, and sport skills.  All of our lead-up activities improve sport skills and team building.  Cooperation and team work in small groups encourage students to develop positive social skills.  Routines are offered with instruction focused on helping students make decisions about personal approaches to maintain fitness.
The content of the program is enjoying physical activity while learning about personal health and a healthy lifestyle.  When the students learn the movement concepts while having fun they gain confidence and develop a positive attitude toward physical activity.

The goal of the program is to develop healthy attitudes that last a lifetime.
In the spirit of learning, keep moving.     Coach Frenette