Sixth Grade

  • Friday, June 5th, 5:30-7:30: CHOPPED FOR SUDAN FUNDRAISER

  • The Sharon Elementary Sixth Grade will be cooking for donations to give to Water for Sudan, a non-profit organization which drills wells for remote villages in Sudan. It will be fun evening of competition cooking modeled from the show on the Food Network. http://www.waterforsouthsudan.orgOur experienced young chefs have also participated and won at this year’s Jr. Iron Chef. See this link from the event:

Sixth Grade Winter 2015


Mrs. B’s 6th Grade Class October/November 2014 As the leaves fall to the ground and the nights get chillier, we are gearing up for a lot of excitement in 6th grade. This Saturday, Nov. 1, our Spelling Bee Team will be headed to Dover, VT for the Regional Spelling Bee.  After achieving the highest score in our District Spelling Bee, our spellers Tom Bisaillon, Novah Conway, Macy DeMara, Jayme Wilson, Ben Rodis, and Maddie McShinsky will take on 4 other schools in the competition.  They have worked hard for the past 2 months preparing for this event. Send good spelling vibes their way!

The 6th graders are also preparing for our annual District Wide Junior Iron Chef Competition on November 7th from 5-7pm at SES. The kids did their first practice yesterday and made some delicious meals to share.  One team made honey-lime sweet potato, black bean and corn tacos with chimichurri and chipotle crema.  The kids thought these tacos were the best thing that could have happened to tacos! Another team made a kale and sunflower seed pesto with pasta, camelized onions and cherry tomatoes. This was another hit.  A final group who are not competing will be making dessert for everyone to taste.  They made a Gluten Free apple crisp with almond flour, pecans and brown sugar. Yum!

FullSizeRender-1In Math, after studying numeration and place value, we are focusing on algebra concepts.  We are learning about expressions, variables, order of operations and number properties. Our big focus right now is how we can break apart numbers to compute them mentally. How would you multiply 7 x 72 without using any paper?

In Language Arts and Social Studies we are focusing our reading and writing around the study of slavery and civil rights.  We have been reading informational text and primary text documents of slave narratives. We have focused on highlighting important information and reading closely for details.  We are taking notes on slave life so students can use realistic information to write their own slave narratives.   As we head into civil rights, we will read biographies about people involved in the abolitionist and civil rights movements and present them to the class using keynote presentations.

In Science, we had the unique opportunity to have microscopes in our classroom for 3 weeks. We looked at a variety of cells and learned the difference between plant and animal cells. We even got to extract DNA from strawberry cells! Kids learned more about DNA, genes and alleles (a different form of the same trait). We will continue our study of cells by learning more about their functions and how they combine to form tissues, organs and organ systems.